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Pedro Reyes Legislative Theatre Performance Amendment to the Amendment: (Under)stand Your Ground

JANUARY 23, 2014
USF Theatre 2

The performance was truly a collaborative effort that included USF College of the Arts faculty and students. The USF percussion ensemble and jazz combos played Reyes’ unique instruments, crafted from firearms confiscated and disabled by the Mexican Army, which are on view at USFCAM in the exhibition CAM@25: Social Engagement through March 8. Everyone who attended the sold-out event was invited to participate in the performance, which was created by Reyes in partnership with USF Theatre professor Dora Arreola, and USF and Community Stepping Stones students, to encourage dialogue and address issues related to the Second Amendment. For more information visit our blog.

CAM@25: Social Engagement

JANUARY 17 – MARCH 8, 2014
USF Contemporary Art Museum

The USF Contemporary Art Museum celebrates its 25th anniversary with CAM@25: Social Engagement to highlight its history of bringing artists, and the practice of making contemporary art, to the Tampa Bay community. This selection of installations serves to mark CAM’s extensive history of exhibitions, commissions and collaborations with artists whose practices and projects embrace an ethos of responsible social meaning, purpose and motivation in the public sphere. Artists include Los Carpinteros, Pedro Reyes (Mexico), and Janaina Tschäpe (Brazil/Germany).

SubRosa: The Language of Resistance Colloquium

AUGUST 26 – DECEMBER 7, 2013

The art exhibition SubRosa: The Language of Resistance examines the language of art across continents and cultures in response to social, political, and environmental repression. Sometimes covertly and dangerously, the artists in SubRosa share a desire to question dominant political systems and the cultural status quo. Artists include Ai Weiwei (China), Ramón Esono Ebalé (Equatorial Guinea), Barbad Golshiri (Iran), Khaled Jarrar (Palestine), Zanele Muholi (South Africa), and José Toirac and Meira Marrero (Cuba). Curated by Noel Smith; Organized by USFCAM.

Colloquium Participants include: Curator Noel Smith; Tutu Alicante, Executive Director, EG Justice; and Esra Akin-Kivanc PhD, Assistant Professor of Islamic Art History, USF School of Art and Art History.

Rouse: MFA Graduation Exhibition 2010

MARCH 26 – MAY 8, 2010
USF Contemporary Art Museum

The exhibition features artworks in a variety of media that reflect the research interests of these seven graduating MFA candidates from the School of Art and Art History: Ariel Baron-Robbins, Toni Danette Billick, Maxim Maximovitch, Andrew Nigon, Victoria Lee Skelly, Stead Thomas, and Carmen Tiffany.

Noam M. Elcott "Christian Marclay and the Antiquarian Avant-Garde"

FEBRUARY 4, 2010

Noam M. Elcott is Assistant Professor of Modern Art History at Columbia University. He specializes in the history of modern art and media in Europe and North America, with an emphasis on interwar art, photography, and film. His research and teaching combine close visual analysis with media archaeology and critical theory. He also writes and teaches on contemporary art. Recent classes include Art Humanities, an undergraduate lecture course Art, Media, and the Avant-Garde, and seminars on Dada, on Futurism, and on art between photography and film.

New Weather

NOVEMBER 6, 2009 – MARCH 6, 2010
USF Contemporary Art Museum

New Weather brings together the monumental sculptures of Diana Al-Hadid, the turbulent paintings of Iva Gueorguieva, and the enigmatic drawings of Robyn O’Neil. Their works explore the atmospheres and forces, which characterize our time, presenting us with an apt metaphor for the unpredictability of a rapidly changing world. Curated by IRA Chief Curator David Louis Norr; organized by USFCAM.

New Weather Symposium

NOVEMBER 6, 2009
USF Marshall Center Plaza Room

Curator's Lecture: Carlos Garaicoa, Architecture and the Utopian City

OCTOBER 22, 2009
USF Graphicstudio

Corina Matamoros, Curator of Contemporary Cuban Art at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba, and Noel Smith, Curator of Latin American and Caribbean Art at USF Institute for Research in Art discuss the work of Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa in the context of the exhibition Carlos Garaicoa: Making Amends, which they are co-curating for the USFCAM in 2010.

Special Guest Helmo Hernández, President, Ludwig Foundation of Cuba will briefly discuss the contemporary arts scene in Cuba.

Teresita Fernández: Blind Landscape

AUGUST 17 – OCTOBER 10, 2009
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Fernández is internationally known for her immersive installations and evocative large-scale sculptures that address space, light, and the perception of change. The exhibition will present a spectrum of the artist's most recent and ambitious projects. Curated by IRA Chief Curator David Norr; Organized and traveled by USFCAM.

Artist Talk


Installation of Epic Timelapse

Stacy Levy, Tampa Wind

USF Tampa Campus - Natural and Environmental Sciences Facility

Stacy Levy’s, Tampa Wind, is a wind-activated rendering of a section of the Hillsborough River as it passes through the eastern edge the USF Tampa Campus. Fabricated in stainless steel, Tampa Wind reflects the changing light and environmental conditions specific to the site. The Levy commission is mounted on the exterior stair tower wall running the full height of the four-story Natural and Environmental Sciences facility. There are over 2,000 stainless discs ranging in size from one and half inches to four inches, attached to individual posts that emerge from a stainless steel plate cut to render the topography of the river. The slightest breeze causes the discs to move creating an ever-changing field of reflected light that can be seen thousands of yards away from the site. The effect is not unlike the play between wind and light on water, reminding the viewer of the source of Levy’s imagery and the nature of the natural environment.

Museum at Work

MAY 18 – JULY 15, 2009
USF Contemporary Art Museum

What do museums do behind closed doors? Visit CAM this summer when the museum opens its doors to the public to see the process for photographing and documenting the collection with Peter Foe, Curator of the Collection. See what really happens, participate in the project and explore the collection online at CAM’s Collection kiosk.

Sixty Minutes

MAY 18 – JULY 2, 2009
USF Contemporary Art Museum

The program features videos by artists Olaf Breuning, Kate Gilmore, Luis Gispert, and William Villalongo, alongside interview based profiles with each artist. Sixty Minutes is conceived to expose the diversity and complexity of artists’ process and provide an inspiring critical space to research, analyze and debate contexts for practice now and in the future. Sixty Minutes is curated by David Norr, Chief Curator for the Institute.

Closure: MFA Graduation Exhibition 2009

MARCH 30 – MAY 2, 2009
USF Contemporary Art Museum

The exhibition features Master’s research project work by Master of Fine Art candidates in the USF School of Art and Art History. This exhibition gives the graduating students an opportunity to have their work viewed by the public, as well as University faculty and colleagues, in a professional environment.

Artists include Kimberly Adams, Jeremy Chandler, April Childers, Rebecca Flanders, Chad Harmon, Shane Hoffman, Lauren Howard, James Reiman, Ivan Reyes-Garcia, Marta Slaughter, Jonathan Vaughan and Wesley Wetherington.

Faculty Focus:
Neil Bender, Elisabeth Condon and Cesar Cornejo

JANUARY 9 – MARCH 7, 2009
USF Contemporary Art Museum - West Gallery

The Faculty Focus exhibition series highlights the recent work of artists on the studio faculty from the USF School of Art and Art History.

Artist Talk

USF Contemporary Art Museum - West Gallery

Werner Reiterer: Raw Loop

JANUARY 9 – MARCH 7, 2009
USF Contemporary Art Museum - East Gallery

Raw Loop is the first US solo exhibition of works by Austrian artist Werner Reiterer. The exhibition features drawings, objects and participatory installations that engage the viewer in a re-examination of everyday experience that makes us think and often smile. Curated by Julien Robson, Speed Art Museum. Organized by the consortium of participating institutions, including USFCAM.

Artist Talk

FAH 101 - USF Music Recital Hall

Audience & Avatar

OCTOBER 24 – DECEMBER 13, 2008
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Audience & Avatar brings together an international group of artists who explore diverse ways in which videogames, game culture, technology and psychology influence participation of the viewer in art. Artists include: John Paul Bichard, Damiano Colacito, Jon Haddock, Eva and Franco Mattes (a.k.a. 0100101110101101.ORG), Eddo Stern and Phillip Toledano. Curated by Don Fuller and organized by CAM.

Audience & Avatar Artist Talks

OCTOBER 24, 2008
USF Theatre 1

John Paul Bichard

Damiano Colacito

Brody Condon : Modifications

OCTOBER 24 – DECEMBER 13, 2008
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Brody Condon is a New York-based artist who uses game development tools, online games, sculpture, live performers and found footage as performance surrogates blurring the boundary between fantasy and reality. For his project gallery Modifications in Audience & Avatar he uses game technology to re-imagine late medieval religious paintings into self-running games simultaneously implying and denying interaction.

Artist Talk

JANUARY 8, 2009
USF Theatre 1

Mash Up

AUGUST 25 – OCTOBER 4, 2008
USF Contemporary Art Museum

MashUp is a group exhibition that traces the history of destruction as a creative force in visual art, and its resonance in the mass culture realm of popular music. Inflicting damage for audio effect and visual ends, MashUp features newly commissioned installations by artists Pedro Reyes and Ted Riederer—plus, an historical array of art and artifacts dating from the 1960s-on by Czech Fluxus “Broken Music” pioneer Milan Kní˛ák, The Art Guys, Christian Marclay and The Plasmatics. Guest Curated by Jade Dellinger, and organized by CAM.

In conjunction with MashUp at USFCAM, Flight 19’s exhibition space at Downtown Tampa’s Union Station will present a site-specific project Bob Wysocki: Post Metal (August 30 – October 5)

1º Celsius

AUGUST 25- OCTOBER 4, 2008
USF Contemporary Art Museum

One Degree Celsius is part of a series of projects called Molecular Urbanism developed by Torolab, a Tijuana-based consortium of artists, architects and designers. For USFCAM the artist collective morphs the gallery space into an actual proposal and a laboratory for creative experiments investigating the multiple uses of a garden. The exhibition includes drawn proposals for large-scale architectural interventions (on the USF campus and downtown Tampa), displayed with functional sculptural elements. Illustrating a system of insertions and communications, the artists envision the creation of multiple bio-ecological environments within disposition, and the city’s physical and socio-cultural condition.

Exhibition Interviews
Featuring Shawn Landry, Robin Nigh, Laurie Walker, JoAnne Sullivan, Elizabeth Strom, and Dr. Philip van Beynen.

Colloquium: Art as a Catalyst for Social Transformation

SEPTEMBER 12, 2008
USF Marshall Center

With contributions by Raul Cardenas Osuna, Wendy Babcox, Rick Lowe, Dr. Margarethe Kusenbach, Laurie Palmer, Dr. Elizabeth Strom, Shannon Bassett, Dr. Grant Kester, and Dr. Alan Moore.

Rauschenberg: USF

JUNE 20 – AUGUST 1, 2008
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Robert Rauschenberg (1925–2008) created over 50 editions of prints, sculptures and photographs with USF’s Graphicstudio from 1972 through 1987. The exhibition includes selected works from USF and area collectors.

Roger Palmer: In Dog Light

JUNE 20 – AUGUST 1, 2008
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Roger Palmer: In Dog Light is an exhibition of selected drawings (2003–2008) by Tampa-based artist Roger Palmer. Palmer’s brush, wash and ink drawings are darkly humorous meditations on humanity’s foibles and actualities. Anthropomorphic animals, local flora and fauna and technologies of modern man such as cannons and fire trucks unfold in pure-pigment amalgamations of word and image. Curated by David Norr.

Robert Stackhouse: Editions Archive

JANUARY 11 – FEBRUARY 23, 2008
USF Contemporary Art Museum

In 1993, distinguished USF alumnus and artist Robert Stackhouse designated USF Contemporary Art Museum as the archive for his editioned works. USFCAM celebrates this gift with the publication of a catalogue for the Robert Stackhouse Editions Archive and an exhibition of work selected from the archive. This exhibition explores the evolution of Stackhouse’s work from his first print to the most recent editions, his relationship with various print workshops and the interaction across media of his prints, paintings and sculpture. Curated by Peter Foe and organized by the USFCAM.

Everyday Atrocities

JANUARY 11 – FEBRUARY 23, 2008
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Faculty Focus Exhibition: John Byrd, Gregory Green and Julie Weitz use painting, sculpture and installation to explore themes and the aesthetics of violence, danger and empowerment embedded in politics and popular culture.

Artist Talk with John Byrd, Gregory Green, and Julie Weitz

JANUARY 11, 2008
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Homing Devices

OCTOBER 26 – DECEMBER 15, 2007
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Homing Devices is a group exhibition that considers the way contemporary Latin American and Caribbean sculptors—who may live and work anywhere in the world—approach the idea of home in context of increasing globalization, mobility, exile and migration in the Americas. By including works that are accented but not defined or delimited by cultural, geographical, and national boundaries, the exhibition considers the vital question of how art and artists preserve their identity within a global landscape.

Symposium with Noel Smith, María Fernanda Cardoso, and Edouard Duval-Carrié

OCTOBER 26, 2007
Marshall Center Ballroom

María Fernanda Cardoso

Noel Smith

Edouard Duval-Carrié


AUGUST 27 – OCTOBER 13, 2007
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Elsewhere explores the familiar and often tragic theme of the quest. The artists included in this exhibition embark upon quixotic adventures to both real and imagined places - at times edging on the ridiculous, treacherous, and sublime. Pulling from sources as varied as Victorian expeditions, romantic tourism, travel literature, and Hollywood films, the artists in Elsewhere blend documentary styles with found footage, tableaux, and performance into potent mixtures of fact, fantasy, and feeling. To this end, they employ strategies of displacement, re-enactment, and repetition in an effort to erode the temporal boundaries implicit to existing representations of histories, identities, and geographies.


JUNE 15 – AUGUST 4, 2007
USF Contemporary Art Museum

StereoVision, an interdisciplinary museum project, gazes simultaneously at the past, present and future as it proposes a glimpse at ways art and technology shape our vision and perception. Stereographs, a 19th century groundbreaking historical antecedent of virtual reality, are joined with contemporary works that make use of perspective, features of virtual reality and immersive environments to probe and disturb our normative visual, auditory, and kinetic perceptive experiences.

Symposium with Margaret A. Miller, Izabel Galliera, Robert Drapkin and James Tunick

JUNE 15, 2007
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Margaret A. Miller

Izabel Galliera

Robert Drapkin

James Tunick

USF School of Art & Art History MFA Graduation Exhibition

APRIL 27 – MAY 25, 2007
USF Contemporary Art Museum

This premiere of the Master of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition at the USF Contemporary Art Museum features diverse artworks by twelve artists from the nationally ranked studio art program at USF.

Dave Hickey

FEBRUARY 22, 2007

Dave Hickey, recipient of the MacArthur “Genius” award, and internationally acclaimed art critic gave this lecture on February 22, 2007, entitled “The Age of the Art Fair.”

Trisha Brown: Drawing on Land and Air

JANUARY 12 – MARCH 3, 2007
USF Contemporary Art Museum

The Trisha Brown Dance Company has presented the work of its legendary artistic director for 35 years. In addition to dance, Brown is known for her work in the visual arts, including improvisational works combining dance and drawing, and collaborations with artists including Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage, Laurie Anderson and Terry Winters. Trisha Brown: Drawing on Land and Air will present Brown’s new improvisational drawings, a selection of collaborative works with artists, and new prints commissioned by Graphicstudio.

Symposium with Margaret A. Miller, Susan Rosenberg, Michael Foley and Trisha Brown

FEBRUARY 16, 2007
USF Theatre 1

Margaret A. Miller

Susan Rosenberg

Michael Foley

Trisha Brown

Berni Searle: Approach

OCTOBER 27 – DECEMBER 16, 2006
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Berni Searle: Approach, is a multidimensional program with internationally celebrated South African artist, whose work in performance, photography, film and video installation address racial and gender inequities through the use of her body, personal histories and the construction of personal mythologies.

Symposium with Berni Searle, Laurie Ann Farrell and Mark Coetzee

OCTOBER 27, 2006
USF Marshall Center Ballroom

Berni Searle

Laurie Ann Farrell

Mark Coetzee

Vik Muniz: Reflex

JULY 7 – OCTOBER 7, 2006
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Since the mid-1990s, Brazilian artist Vik Muniz has been making an international impact with his photographs documenting images he has made in an astonishing variety of non-art, often ephemeral materials, including dirt, sugar, wire, string, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, fake blood, color chips, the circular paper remnants made by hole punches, and diamonds. Muniz’ images are at once familiar—they are often of recognizable news images, works from art history, or well-known personages—and alien: after an initial moment or recognition, it quickly becomes clear that these images are not what they first seemed.

Artist’s Talk: Vik Muniz

FAH101 - USF Music Recital Hall

Artist Vik Muniz spoke about his work in his exhibition Reflex with Peter Boswell, Curator, Director of Programs, Miami Art Museum.

Collectors Club Lecture: Cary Leibowitz/Candyass

FEBRUARY 16, 2006
USF Gibbons Alumni Center - Traditions Hall

Cary Leibowitz/Candyass is an artist, collector and currently Print Specialist at Christie’s in New York City. Leibowitz’ text-based art has been exhibited in Chicago, New York, Stockholm, Paris, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Montreal, and Nagoya, Japan.

Beautiful Losers / Contemporary Art and Street Culture

NOVEMBER 4, 2005
USF Contemporary Art Museum

An exhibition of multi-media art and design that explores the recent work of a diverse group of visual artists that have emerged from aspects of street culture loosely organized around the subcultures of skateboarding, graffiti, punk, and hip-hop in urban U.S. cities.

Symposium with Angela Boatwright, Ryan McGinness and Christian Strike

Angela Boatwright

Ryan McGinness

Christian Strike


USF Contemporary Art Museum

AudioFiles brings together converging elements of the spectrum of Sound Art. Artists Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, Christian Marclay and Stephen Vitiello create three individually engaging and enigmatic sonic installations, which defy convention and resist categorization.

Symposium with Christoph Cox


ARTE 2005
Los Carpinteros / Inventing the World

APRIL 8 – JULY 15, 2005
USF Contemporary Art Museum

The first mid-career survey of the work of Los Carpinteros, a collective of young Cuban artists who live and work in Havana, Cuba. The artists—Marco Castillo, Dagoberto Rodriguezand until 2003 Alexandre Arrechea—began to work together as students in the early 1990s at Havana’s prestigious Superior Institute of Art (ISA) and have since emerged as important presences on the expanding global terrain of art.

Artist's Talk with Marco Castillo of
Los Carpinteros

Symposium with Corina Matamoros, Dr. Juan A. Martinez and Esterio Segura

APRIL 8, 2005
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Corina Matamoros

Dr. Juan A. Martinez

Esterio Segura

Roxy Paine: Process & Production

USF Graphicstudio

In his Graphicstudio collaboration, Paine has delivered a challenging work: Head Cheese, a sculptural meditation upon the visually arresting cold cut commonly available in grocery stores.

Guillermo Kuitca: Process & Production

USF Graphicstudio

In the photogravure print Naked Tango, Kuitca pays homage to Andy Warhol’s dance step paintings, which were simple copies of diagrams created for teaching popular dance forms in mid-century America.

Burt Barr: Solid Water

AUGUST 27 – OCTOBER 9, 2004
USF Contemporary Art Museum

New York based artist Burt Barr has been making video-works since the 80s. Often using black and white and working from a singular viewpoint, he transforms common objects and everyday situations into intensely focused paeans of stylistic beauty.

Janaina Tschäpe: Blood, Sea

AUGUST 27 – OCTOBER 9, 2004
USF Contemporary Art Museum

New York and Brazil based artist Janaina Tschäpe works in a variety of media including drawing, photography, film and installation. She employs the female body, transformed by her sculptural costumes and nature, to explore the space between dreams and reality.

The Amazing & The Immutable

FEBRUARY 2 – MARCH 13, 2004
USF Contemporary Art Museum

The Amazing & The Immutable is an exhibition combining and contrasting vintage and contemporary photographic-based work from the distinguished Florida collections of Robert Drapkin and Martin Margulies.

(Im)Printing Pictures

FEBRUARY 2 – MARCH 13, 2004
USF Graphicstudio

Photographic prints from the Dropkin Collection and Graphicstudio.

DNA Art & Science: Eduardo Kac

JANUARY 22, 2004
USF Contemporary Art Museum & Graphicstudio

USF’s Institute for Research in Art (Contemporary Art Museum and Graphicstudio), and the Office of Research, held an open competition for art and design to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of DNA.

Jim Campbell

NOVEMBER 21 – JANUARY 16, 2004
USF Contemporary Art Museum

San Francisco-based artist Jim Campbell comes from a technical background in engineering - he holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Engineering from MIT - and an artistic background in filmmaking.

Walk Ways / concurrently with Jim Campbell

Walk Ways brings together a diverse group of contemporary artists who have focused on the theme of walking, a purposeful or meandering activity that unites physical and mental freedom.

Trespassing: House X Artists

AUGUST 30 – OCTOBER 17, 2003
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Trespassing is an exhibition about house designs by nine contemporary artists in collaboration with the California architectural firm, TK Architecture.

USF Graphicstudio Research in Production Techniques - Keith Edmier, Cycas revolute bulbil

USF Graphicstudio

This 2003 video illustrates research in the production techniques developed at Univesity of South Florida's Graphicstudio used to make artist Keith Edmier's Cycas revoluae bulbil.

Keith Edmier developed new techniques for pouring molten lava in collaboration with Graphicstudio's fabricators and University geologists. Basalt, the solid form of lava, was crushed, heated to the melting point, and poured around the form of a cycad plant, leaving a cavity with an impression of the cycad. A urethane resin cast of a cycad plant was hand painted and attached to the lava form. Edmier has been interested in making sculpture with molten rock from the earth's core for several years. In Hawaii he investigated the phenomenon of lava tree molds, created when molten lava engulfs a live, wet tree, leaving a negative cavity or impression. The cycad is an ancient plant that has survived with few changes for millions of years. Although there are male and female cycads, the plant can reproduce asexually, by generating pups of the same sex as the parent. His plant sculptures address aspects of sexuality -- the male and female functions of reproduction, renewal and rebirth.

Symposium: Vik Muniz & Lilian Tone

OCTOBER 10, 2003
USF Marshall Center

Artist Vik Muniz and Lilian Tone each will present a brief history of their work, and discuss concerns and ideas they share, such as the ways in which manners of representation, and the impact and reliability of reproduction, influence perception and affect issues such as civil liberties and censorship; They ground their observations in their experiences living under the military dictatorship of Brazil (1964-1985).


MAY 16 – MAY 22, 2002
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Sharon Engelstein & Aaron Parazette

Lucy Orta: Nexus Architecture & Connector IV

USF Contemporary Art Museum

Lucy Orta has been researching the poetic nature of clothing and portable habitats for the past ten years. Her transformable sculptures, Refuge Wear, Body Architecture, Nexus Architecture, and Modular Architecture, are highly original concepts for mobility, nomadism and networking.

Videos documenting a small selection of Graphicstudio artists, events, and technical procedures

USF Graphicstudio

SIGNS: Baselitz/Creeley

Performance of the poem Signs by the poet Robert Creeley with interview segments on the collaboration of the Baselitz/Creeley SIGNS project produced at Graphicstudio.

Woodblock Printing in the Americas

From Graphicstudio’s Woodblock Printing in the Americas Colloquium. Interviews with woodblock artists of the U.S., Canada, South America, and the Caribbean, with demonstrations of various block printing techniques, and the significant cultural influence of block printing in the shaping of the Americas.

Graphicstudio in Oaxaca

Graphicstudio travels to Mexico and presents an exhibition in Oaxaca as well as workshops for local artists involved in printmaking techniques.

Advanced Heliorelief Techniques

A demonstration of the Advanced Heliorelief Process, as developed at Graphicstudio. Demonstrated by Eric Vontillius, Sculpture Coordinator, Graphicstudio.

Public Art: Process and Product

USF Contemporary Art Museum

Click here to learn more about the video Public Art: Process and Product produced for the State of Florida, by Vincent Ahern. The videos can be purchased on DVD at our Museum Store. Please email



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