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The Super Hero in Me! Arts4All Exhibition

May 13–16, 2019
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Hours: Mon. – Tue. 10am–5pm, Wed. 10am–5pm, Thurs. 10am–Noon

Students in the Arts4All programs at Bloomingdale and Middleton high schools present works of art exploring what the concept of "superhero" means on a personal level via self-portraits. Fictional superheroes stimulate our imaginations to connect with something beyond ourselves. Superheroes are a symbol of hope - making yourself a better person by uncovering your strengths and using them for a good purpose. With the dilemmas and problems that superheroes face, they are amazing, strong, inspiring individuals who use their talents to do good for the world. Through this series of artwork, the students are encouraged to not only think about the qualities in superheroes that they find exciting, but to also look at the qualities within themselves that make them unique and a "hero" in their own life.

The mission of Arts4All Florida is to provide, support and champion arts education and cultural experiences for and by people with disabilities. Our vision is to create a world in which the arts are universally accessible. We do this by: Conducting art education programs in schools, Department of Juvenile Justice facilities, and community centers; Promoting the accomplishments of artists with disabilities through our artist registry, exhibitions, and performances; and Increasing access to the arts through professional development workshops. Arts4All Florida is headquartered in the College of Education at the University of South Florida.